10 Famous birds in india


Known for its vibrant plumage and impressive courtship display.

2.Indian Eagle-Owl

A majestic and nocturnal bird of prey, recognized by its large size and tufted "horns."

3.Indian Roller

Distinguished by its striking blue and turquoise plumage and acrobatic flight.

4.Sarus Crane

India's tallest flying bird, revered as a symbol of longevity and fidelity.

5.Indian Hornbill

Known for its distinctive bill and vibrant plumage, found in various regions of India.

6.Indian Pitta

A colorful, ground-dwelling bird with a melodious song, often found in wooded areas.

7.Asian Paradise Flycatcher

With long tail feathers and graceful movements, it's a delight to watch.

8.Indian Robin

A small and attractive bird, commonly found in gardens and open woodlands.

9.Indian Pond Heron

Often seen wading in water bodies, it has a distinctive hunched posture.

10.Greater Flamingo

Migratory birds that flock to India's wetlands, known for their pink plumage and long legs.