Modi meditates submerged, presenting morpankh at Dwarka’s depths. Reflecting on the moment, he underscores, “Beyond mere courage…”

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi immersed himself in the Arabian Sea to offer prayers at the sacred site of the ancient Dwarka, the legendary city of Lord Krishna now submerged underwater.

Following his spiritual endeavor, images surfaced capturing his submersion, alongside a video depicting his underwater prayer ritual. Donned in a saffron kurta and pajama, adorned with a Navy hat, Prime Minister Modi embarked on this profound journey, carrying morpankh (peacock feathers) symbolizing Lord Krishna’s presence as he delved into the depths of the sea.

The footage illustrates Narendra Modi’s reverential gesture as he reached the submerged site, donning a diver’s mask adorned with India’s flag. Modi assumed a meditative posture underwater, under the watchful eyes of divers ensuring his safety. Upon resurfacing, he reverently touched the soil once more, with the morpankh gently swaying in the water. Reflecting on the experience, he expressed, “More than courage, I was driven by veneration.

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